Self-study Basic Serbian Language Online Course lasts 12 weeks and has 12 units.

This course is taught online and it does not require physical presence of participants, except for the final exam which will be held at Faculty of Philology, University of Belgrade. Learning platform for this Course is Moodle.

First 10 units have three parts: Lesson, Exercises and Test, and last 2 units are preparation for A1 level exam.*

Every week new set of Lesson, Exercises and Test will be available to you.

Apart from that, this course also contains:

E-flashcards – to help you memorize new words.

Grammar – all the grammar that is learned in A1 course is summarized in one place

Dictionary – all the words from A1 course placed in alphabetical order

Cultural widget – here you can learn about history and modern life of Belgrade – Serbian capital.

Forum – we will use it for setting the time for our Skype meetings and for any other kind of information exchange. You should use it to communicate with other course participants. Also, teacher will answer shorter language questions

Once a week you can have Skype consultation with your teacher, who can help you with any question you might have. Depending on the number of participants, consultations will be individual or in small groups.

Self-study Basic Serbian Language Online Course covers main three tenses (present, past, future), introduction to gender and declination system (nouns, adjectives and pronouns in singular and plural), and introduction to syntax and word order rules. Lexically, it covers basic themes for everyday communication (restaurants, coffee shops, travelling, telling time, expressing quantity etc.)

Suggested schedule for time management while studying this course:

Monday and Tuesday – days for studying the Lesson. Whether you will go through entire Lesson at once or do one part on Monday, another part on Tuesday, that is up to you.

Wednesday – day for Exercises. It is also good that during this day you prepare questions you might have for your teacher tomorrow.

Thursday – day for Skype consultations, for practicing and additional grammar explanations (if needed).

Friday – test

Weekend – revising everything and preparing for new lesson on Monday

*Exam is not part of this course. It has to be registered and paid for separately and it has to be taken in person, at the Philological Faculty in Belgrade.

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